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Kids Martial Arts (3-4 Year Olds)

Our Tiger Cubs classes teach basic martial arts movements with a strong focus on building up student’s concentration and are also fun and full of high energy.

Our Tiger Cubs Students work through our Black Belt Principles character development program, with Harry and Friends, (the programs fun and informative cartoon characters). Students not only learn their martial arts lesson they also learn about a new life skill each month, such as honesty, Focus and Respect with weekly lessons to reinforce each month’s life skill.

Tiger Cubs Program is a belt ranked program, students work on their martial arts techniques each week and progress through the Program belts, our three and four year old set the goal to get the next belt, helping them to focus on what is needed to achieve their goal.

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    Here are just a few of the benefits that you can expect when you join our martial arts family:

    • Concentration
    • Fun classes
    • Life skills
    • Focus
    • Increased attention
    • Respect
    • Develop confidence
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    Here is a link to a short video about our character development program.

    upon signing up to this program your child will also receive a welcome video from Harry and a link to Harrys first class, so before your child even attends their first class they will know what to expect, helping them feel more confident about beginning something new.

    Our program is designed to speak to your child in a way they are used to learning. Our Harry and Friends system is designed for 3-4 year olds, using animation and exciting visual aids to hold your child's attention and Harry and Friends will teach your Child through visual and verbal examples


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    “My son loves doing karate and the Centre Of Martial Arts is the best place to learn. Sensei Marty is great and has so much patience for the kids. Highly recommended”

    Chelsie Bomb

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